Psychometric properties of The Persistence, Perseveration and PerfectionismScale (PPPS-22) in Turkish sample

[Speaker] Bulutlu, Lelyi:1
1:Yeditepe University (Turkey)

Although, persistence and perseveration are considered to be superficially similar concepts, the cognitive mechanisms associated with each strikingly differ. Available research highlights persistence as a protective factor whereas, perseveration is associated with an increased vulnerability for psychological disorders. Limited research on this area also suggest that perseveration and persistence relate differentially to adaptive and maladaptive aspects of perfectionism. Present study aims to adapt the Persistence, Perseveration and Perfectionism Scale (PPPS-22) into Turkish culture. 300 adults completed the Turkish version of PPPS-22 besides measures of procrastination, perfectionism, anxiety, and emotion regulation. Principal components analysis yielded a 3-factor structure confirming the factor structure of the original scale. Results also provide evidence for satisfactory levels of reliability and validity for the Turkish version of the PPPS-22. The findings will be discussed in the light of available literature.
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