Relationship Between the Determination of Speciality, and the Satisfaction Level to a College Life

[Speaker] Hagiuda, Nobuko:1
1:Saitama University (Japan)

In some department of education, the specialization to which a student belongs is determined after entrance into college. Because the number of people that can belong to each specialization is fixed, as for students, specialization to belong to is decided by some kind of methods. In this study, we performed three times of questionary survey for 259 students and checked the change to which course they want to join. We fed back the magnification of each specialization to students. So, some of them gave up belonging to the first specialization they desired. And the satisfaction level to their college life was low. However, there were some students who do not evaluate their satisfaction level low too, for reasons of being satisfied with other activities, friendship, and so on.
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