Effect of Intervention on Joint Attention Strategies used by Mothers of Preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorders

[Speaker] Nagai, Yuuya:1
[Co-author] Tasaki, Haruna:1, Maeda, Saki:1, Hinobayashi, Toshihiko:1, Kanazawa, Tadahiro:1
1:Graduate School of Human Sciences Osaka University (Japan)

This study examined the effect of intervention on joint attention strategies used by mothers of preschoolers with autism spectrum disorders (mean age = 51.4 months, mean developmental age =19.0 months). They received 50-minute intervention sessions (11~19 sessions for each preschooler and their parent) once a week for six months. We evaluated joint attention strategies (maintain, introduce, redirect) used by mothers and therapists by behavior observations of 10-minute free-play situations in first two sessions (pre phase) and in last two sessions (post phase). Therapists consistently used maintain strategies throughout all sessions. Mothers used redirect strategies as well as maintain strategies in pre phase, and became to use maintain strategies more frequently than redirect strategies in post phase. These results suggest that the joint attention strategies demonstrated by therapists during intervention sessions might improve mothers' joint attention strategies.
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