Self-Esteem Enhancement Program for Ostracized Overseas Filipino Workers Children in Self-Care

[Speaker] Calura, Mary Claire D:1
1:Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology (Philippines)

Children of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) left in the care of relatives or non-relatives are observed to be excluded and ignored in school and even at home. Self-care ability is a necessity but it may also cause potential negative impact on child's development.
Study 1 examined the association between self-care, self-esteem and academic self-efficacy of participants aged 8 to 12 years. Selection between ostracized (n=42) and non-ostracized (n=63) groups were made through reported deficiency on needs for belongingness, control, self-esteem and meaningful existence. Predicted positive association between self-care and self-esteem were supported but not with academic self-efficacy. Compared with the non-ostracized group, ostracized children had significant lower levels of self-care and self-esteem. Study 2 investigated the effect of a self-esteem enhancement program on 18 ostracized children. Results revealed statistical differences in the scores after intervention. Recommendations for school policies to foster children's well-being are discussed.
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