Mindful-Compassion Art Therapy (MCAT) for Palliative End-of-Life Care: Cultivating Kindness and Sustained Resilience

[Speaker] Ho, Andy Hau Yan:1
[Co-author] Ong, Grace:2, Chong, Poh Heng:3, Dignadice, Dennis:3, Ngo, Thuy Anh:1, Potash, Jordan:4
1:Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), 2:Assisi Hospice (Singapore), 3:HCA Hospice Care (Singapore), 4:George Washington University (United States of America)

Palliative end-of-life care professionals are prone to burnout and compassion fatigue given the intense emotional and existential nature of their work. Previous research has provided robust evidence that support the inclusion of art therapy within clinical supervision for it had effectively reduced work-related stress and enhanced emotional regulation. Combining the practice of mindfulness in art-therapy based supervision, with reflective awareness complementing emotional expression, has immense potential for self-care and collegial support, of which could ultimately cultivate compassion and sustained resilience among those immersed the field of palliative care. This paper presents the preliminary findings of a Randomized, Wait-List Control Trail that assess the efficacy of a new Mindful-Compassion Art Therapy (MCAT) Supervision for reducing burnout and promoting holistic wellness among 60 end-of-life care professionals in Singapore (N=60). Narratives and experiences of MCAT participation will also be shared to illuminate the inner workings of this novel and promising intervention-supervision modality.
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