Esthetical judgments of pleasantness and the utility of the golden rectangle

[Speaker] Tozawa, Junko:1
1:Kawamura Gakuen Woman's University (Japan)

Rectangles in which the ratio of horizontal to vertical length (HV ratio) is 1.618 is known as golden rectangles. In human-computer-interactions, such as web designing, it is well known that the pleasantness of aesthetical judgments is positively correlated with perceived utility. Pleasantness of aesthetical judgments and utility was investigated by focusing on the aesthetic-utility of simple golden rectangles, in which the HV ratio was 1.0, 1.318, 1.618, 1,995 (a vertical rectangle), or -1.318, -1,618, and -1.995 (a horizontal rectangle). Participants reported their aesthetic preferences and the utility of the rectangles using in paired comparison tests. The results indicated that the most aesthetically pleasing and usable shape was a vertical golden rectangle. Moreover, the orientation of rectangles differentially influenced aesthetical and utility judgments. It is concluded that vertical rectangles are judged as more aesthetically pleasing than horizontal rectangles, whereas there is no orientation effect in usability judgments of rectangles.
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