A Social Capital Approach to Study Career Stress during Nurses' Early Career: Implications for Career Counseling

[Speaker] Yang, Peter:1
1:National Chiayi University (Taiwan)

It is clear that we have not received sufficient knowledge about the career transition that occurs after the termination of higher education. Career stress, closely related to but conceptually distinct from work stress, was suggested and has been examined across various occupations in Taiwan. It was used in this study to examine networking effects which implement in clinical nurses' occupational socialization.

Methodologically, a sample of 272 young nurses (during the first 5 years) was obtained from a teaching hospital. Then, a series of validation procedures were conducted to examine the instruments, followed by structural equation modeling analysis of a hypothesized model that explained the multiple links between bonding/bridging social capital at work and career stress.

The results showed that divergent and convergent validity were supported. However, the effect of bonding social capital was only partially supported. Implications for future research directions and recommendations for workplace counseling practices were provided.

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