Does a shift of reaching threshold influence the pseudoneglect?

[Speaker] Takayama, Ryota:1
[Co-author] Michimata, Chikashi:1

Participants performed a line bisection task. It has been pointed out that in a peripersonal space the subjective middle point shifts to the left side, and in the extrapersonal space, it shifts to the right side (pseudoneglect). In general, the boundary between the peripersonal space and the extrapersonal space is defined by the reaching threshold. During the task, participants' triceps or biceps of their right arms were stimulated by a vibrating device, while they held their right index finger by their left hand. Results indicated that there were no pseudoneglect in all conditions. In the presnet study, the response was made by the participants' feet, and this might have influenced the peripersonal and extrapersonal space in unexpected ways.
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