Difference between attractiveness and beauty ratings judging from facial symmetry and eye size

[Speaker] Oda, Masaomi:1
1:Ritsumeikan University (Japan)

A face with high symmetry and/or large eyes has long been considered attractive. "Attractiveness" is a key term for an evolutional interpretation. For the comparison of beauty and attractiveness, the effects of symmetry and eye size are investigated in this paper. The faces of perfect facial symmetry and of 20% enlarged eyes of the intact eyes provided the highest level of attractiveness and beauty on average. Next, the differences of attractiveness and beauty ratings were verified in each participant. We assumed the values to be the same if the difference in attractiveness and beauty ratings were within a 10% standard deviation for each participant. Under the assumption, 75% of the participants had the same values less than 30% of all tasks. This indicated that beauty and attractiveness carry a different meaning for each person. The results suggest that attractiveness could not necessarily be tied to evolution.
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