The relationship between implicit learning performance and digit span test

[Speaker] Tanaka, Daisuke:1
1:Tottori University (Japan)

It has recently been considered that an ability measured by implicit learning (IL) task is one of cognitive abilities. In this study, IL task and two types of digit span test (forward and backward) were conducted to 29 participants and the difference between a correlation value between forward digit span test and IL task and that between backward test and IL was investigated. With respect to IL task, dance step task based on a standard artificial grammar learning task was used. In learning phase, character strings governed by artificial grammar rules were presented, and participants were required to step sequentially on foot switches. A following test phase, the participants judged the grammaticality of newly generated strings. As a result, IL performance was positively correlated with forward test (r=.421, p<.05), whereas the correlation with backward test was not significantly different from zero (r=.025). Cognitive facet of IL was discussed.
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