The Delay JOL Effect Under Directed Forgetting Paradigm

[Speaker] Gongxiang, Chen:1
[Co-author] Jia, Zhao:1
1:University of Jinan (China (People's Republic of China))

Judgment of learning refers to the judgment of individual's current forecast about their testing scores later, and it is an important element of memory monitoring judgment. Many studies found a steady and significant delay JOL effect, which meant delayed relative accuracy was significantly higher than immediate JOL. We referred to the traditional JOL procedures, examined the JOL based on forgetting perspective. The results showed that: (1)Under the immediate condition, the words of JOF was "V" shape, and under the delay condition, the words of JOF was "U" shape; (2) The actual extent of forgetting in delay condition was less than instant judgment; (3) The delay forgetting accuracy was significantly higher than immediately forgotten, which was consistent with the effect of the delay. forgetting metacognitive monitoring and memory metacognitive monitoring can share the same theoretical framework based on the time factor.
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