Figurative-logic inter-transitions as one of mechanisms of creative thinking of the person

[Speaker] Mun, Mariya:1
1:al-Farabi Kazakh National University (Kazakhstan)

The purpose is to study the flexibility of thinking as individual ability to creative (heuristic) thinking.
Methods: Stroop color-word interference task; Wechslerintelligence test; temperament's questionnaire by Rusalov;measurement of nervous system's properties; battery of heuristic tasks.
The results:
1. The flexibility of thinking positively influences the successful decision of creative (heuristic) tasks and can be considered as individual ability.
2. The flexibility of thinking as ability to change of "alphabet" of thinking at the decision of creative (heuristic) tasks is definitely connected to structure and level of intelligence, properties of temperament and properties of nervous system.
The inertness of nervous processes is connected with rigid of thinking.
The unbalance of nervous processes is connected to faster figurative-logic translations
3. In the group of "rigid" subjects the successful decision of tasks is provided with concurrence of a dominant way of processing of the information and way of presentation of task.
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