Effects of metacognitive verbalization on implicit learning

[Speaker] Kiyokawa, Sachiko:1
1:Nagoya University (Japan)

We investigated how metacognitive verbalization affects implicit learning. We assumed that metacognitive verbalization would have no effect, or at worst disrupt implicit learning because one cannot monitor or verbalize all of what one has actually learned implicitly. Forty-three undergraduate students were assigned to one of two conditions: metacognitive verbalization or control. Participants were asked to engaged twice in the sugar factory task. A two-minute verbalization session was inserted between the two task sessions. The participants in the metacognitive verbalization condition were asked to write down what they had learned in the first task session, whereas those in the control condition wrote down what they had recently been interested in. The results showed no significant difference in performance between the two conditions, and that performance improved significantly in both conditions. The results imply that implicit learning is difficult to monitor metacognitively, and may be independent of verbalizable processes.
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