The Influence of Emotional Materials on Subject Performed Task Advantage Effects

[Speaker] Zhang, Hui Juan:1
1:NanKai University (China (People's Republic of China))

This study investigates the role of emotional memory materials in SPT advantage effect of action memory in the two experiments, and the processing mechanism of action and emotion.The experiment 1 adopted 2 (type of encoding: SPT vs VT)×3(material emotion: neutral vs positive vs negative) mixed experimental design.The results show that the main effect of encoding condition and material emotionality is significant, the interaction between the two was significant.Experiment 2 used 2(type of encoding: SPT vs VT)×3(material emotionality: neutral vs negative vs positive)×3(background emotionality: positive vs negative vs neutral) mixed experimental design.The results of the study show that the main effect of encoding conditions, emotionality of material and emotionality of background were all significant .The interaction of materials' emotionality andthe emotionality of background was significant ,The interaction of the encoding conditions, materials' emotionality and the emotionality of background was of significance .
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