The Role of Cognitive Ability of Mathematics Achievements in different Grades of Students

[Speaker] Meixia, Zhu:1
[Co-author] Dan, Cai:1
1:Shanghai Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

The current study investigated the relationship between cognitive ability and mathematics achievements from different grades students in China. Seventy-nine Grade 2, seventy-four Grade 4 and eighty-three Grade 7 students participated in the study, who got the CAS-II-Brief according to the theory of PASS (planning- attention- Simultaneous Processing- Successive processing) and mathematics achievement tests (Math problem solving, Math fluency, Math operations form WIAT-III). The results of correlation analyses showed that planning(r=0.28) and attention(r=0.31) in Grade 2, planning(r=0.36) and Simultaneous Processing (r=0.31) in Grade 4, and Simultaneous Processing(r=0.30) in Grade 7 had correlations with Math problem solving. Attention(r=0.31) in Grade 2, planning (r=0.34) in Grade 4 and Successive processing (r=0.29) in Grade 7 had correlations with Math fluency. Planning (r=0.30) and Simultaneous Processing(r=0.24) in Grade 4 had correlation with Math operations. These findings indicated that different cognitive components play different roles in different grades in Mathematics.
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