Role of Positive Psychological Attributes in Health: An Empirical Investigation

[Speaker] Krishna, Anshula:1
1:Vasanta College for Women, Rajghat, Varanasi, India (India)

Health has been considered very important in overall functioning of people. Positive attitude towards life plays a vital role in determining health status and psychological well-being of people. This study investigate the role of positive psychological attributes in supervisory level employee's health status and also how positivity affects the physical, psychological and social well-being of employees. Study was conducted on 100 supervisory level male employees of manufacturing organizations. Tools used were General Health Questionnaire (Goldberg & Hiller, 1979), Positive and Negative Affect Scale (Watson, Clark & Tellegen, 1988), and Resilience Optimism Scale (Srivastava, 2008). Positive psychological attributes (positive affectivity, resilience, optimism) were found to be negatively correlated with ill-health status. Stepwise multiple shows that resilience and positive affectivity emerged as significant predictors influencing the health of employees. Psychological well-being and physical health of employees play an important role in the smooth functioning of an organization and positivity boosts it.
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