Two types of Live Beliefs: Contemporary Asians' Filial Piety

[Speaker] Chen, Szu - Yu:1
[Co-author] Wei, Chih - Fen:1
1:University of Taipei (Taiwan)

Family is very important for Chinese parents and children. Compared with the right-based view from Western culture, in tradition Chinese culture, filial piety is the duty- based view (Miller, 1994). Therefore, there are two types of live beliefs: "unity view of live belief" from Confucius culture and "independent view of live belief" from western culture. And, they both influence modern Asians' behavior. The participants were 200 college students from University of Taipei. Questionnaires were used to measure how much they agree or disagree with two types of live beliefs and two types of obligation behaviors (obligations to parents and children). This study showed that there are positive correlations between unity view of live belief and obligation to parents, between independent view of live belief and obligation to children.
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