A Chinese co-validation journey through the structure of personality: From the General Factor of Personality to Big Five + Initiative

[Speaker] Kurz, Rainer H:1
1:Cubiks (United Kingdom)

The joint personality structure of NEO and PAPI scales was explored in a Chinese sample (N=226). The general factor was dominated by Need for Power and Achievement scales. Extracting two Varimax rotated components produced Alpha and Beta factors of Digman (1997). The third component separated out Conscientiousness giving rise to the 3 Effectiveness Factors found by Kurz (2011) followed by Openness to experience. In the five factor solution a Surgency factor emerged with positive loadings for Extraversion and negative loadings for Modesty, Compliance and Straightforwardness while an Affiliation factor covered Trust, Altruism and Tenderness alongside Sociability themes - in line with the co-validation research of Woods & Hardy (2012). In a 6 factor solution a distinct 'Initiative' factor emerged defined by leadership, achievement and work tempo themes and negative loadings for rule following and anxiety facets. Extending the Big 5 with a motivational factor increases clarity is personality assessment research.
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