Zhongyong keep vitality and peace of mind at the same time - compared with belief in Fate

[Speaker] Guo, Zheng:1
[Co-author] Wei, Qingwang:1, Jiang, Shan:1
1:RENMIN University of China (China (People's Republic of China))

Zhongyong, as a core value of Chinese traditional culture, plays an important role in the values and way of life of Chinese people today, while the psychological research is still in the exploratory stage. To explore the connotative meaning of zhongyong, the study reports (1)a comparison between Zhongyong and belief in negotiable fate, agency and fatalism, (2) their predictive effect on the peace of mind and the subjective vitality. The correlation analysis shows that zhongyong correlates significantly with negotiable fate, but the predictive effect shows that their meanings are different. Zhongyong has a richer connotation which makes those who have the belief in zhongyong keep vitality and peace of mind at the same time.
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