Cultural Comparison of Conflict Solution Style of Pre-school Teachers in Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea

[Speaker] Tomo, Rieko:1
1:Doshisha Women's College (Japan)

The purpose of this study is to consider the conflict solution style supported in four East Asian counties. Solution styles are different even in Asian neighboring counties and we have always some conflicts in diplomatic relations. The estimations of the 321 pre-school teachers (92 Japanese, 66 Chinese, 60 Taiwanese, 103 Korean) towards the solution styles in four famous typical stories in Japanese and Chinese elementary school texts by questionnaire survey were analyzed. The results were as follows: 1) There is a significant difference of the estimations in four countries, and Japanese pre-school teachers have much higher valuation to the naïve avoidance solution style than Chinese ones. 2) Taiwanese and Korean teachers have ambivalent solution style. These results may suggest that different meanings of the conflict solution style are taught by teachers in each culture even in East Asian countries.
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