A cross-culture study: The Formal Characteristics of the Behavior-Temperament Inventory (FCB-TI) applied in Korean and Chinese college students

[Speaker] Liu, Wen:1
[Co-author] Li, Zhimin:1, Li, Minglan:1
1:Liaoning Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

According to J·Strelau's temperamental regulation theory, temperament traits may be described as the formal characteristics of behavior that denote underlying. The current study revised the Korea collage Formal Characteristics of the Behavior-Temperament Inventory (FCB-TI), based on previous studies. CFA and parallel analysis was used to explore its structure and EFA was used to examine it's structure stability and cross-culture consistence with Korean and China collect students. 2164 Korean college students and 3238 Chinese college students were participant in this study. The result indicated that: (1)the revised FCB-TI covered six factors included briskness, perseverance, sensory sensitivity, emotional re-activity, endurance, activity, and it has satisfying reliability and validity. (2)For Korean college students, there were significant differences between genders on the six temperament dimensions. (3)It processes cross-cultural consistency when applied in Chinese and Korea college students. (4)There were considerable discrepancies on six factors between Chinese and Korean college students' temperament.
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