Psychological study of genius and Mukhagali Makhatayev's genius personality

[Speaker] Tileubayeva, Meruyert:1
[Co-author] Massalimova, Aliya R.:1, Kavakova, Maira P.:1, Kalymbetova, Elmira K.:1, Ramazanova, Aliya K.:1, Boltayeva, Aliya M.:1
1:Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (Kazakhstan)

The article presents the different approaches to definitionand study of genius phenomenon by the example ofMukhagali Makhatayev's creativity. This paper will achieve its aims in severall ways. First, genius criteriaand its substantial characteristics are assigned.Second, factors of genius person forming were revealed in the course of historic and psychological reconstruction. Third, the nature of poetryand genius of the poet will be addressed. The diary and poetry of Mukhagali Makhatayev are used in this research paper to gather some insights into the psychology of creativity. In our study we try to analyze M.Makhatayev's genius personalityand his poetry.General methods of description, analysis, classification, generalization, and systematic-structural and historical-comparative methods are used in the article.
· Key words: genius, genius personality, creativity, human nature, talent
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