Face Shapes and Personality

[Speaker] Kai, Zhizhong:1
1:Institute of Psychology, CAS (China (People's Republic of China))

In ancient Greek, India and China, people intended to predict human character and destiny with its facial feature cues, such as face shape. However, physiognomy was referred to be a pseudoscience later on. With progress of science and technology, the authenticity of physiognomy can be tested in a "scientific way". Two experiments have been designed to find the evidences of the relation between 8 types of face shapes and personality characteristics. Computer determined typical face shapes from 3816 ordinary faces and collected their 16PF scores according to selected faces. Then, 1180 participants assessed the personality characteristics of 64 typical faces and 64 artificial face shapes by using 16PF questionnaire. Personality profile charts of each face shape have been determined basing on measurement of 16PF scores and face shape showed a significant influence on the assessment of personality characteristics. People's real personalities don't look like what others see from its looks.
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