Psychosemantic method of motives diagnostics

[Speaker] Dedyukina, Elena:1
[Co-author] Mitina, Olga:2
1:Branch of Moscow State University in Tashkent (Uzbekistan), 2:Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia)

The method for diagnostic a motivational structure of personality was developed on the basis of psychosemantic attribute technics. Motivational constructs were used as scales, acts of monetary behavior were used as objects.
Respondents were asked to evaluate in what degree the motives determine the acts. On the basis of acquired data a categorical structure of motivational space and hierarchy of motives can be revealed. The interpretation of the results is based on the thesis that a monetary behavior with due regard to a psychological specific of money can be considered as an equivalent of any other behavior.
Individual and group levels can be tested. The method can be considered as projective with quantitative indicators. For the validation results of personality and social-demographic characteristics, which are relevant to the monetary behavior were used. Sampling of this study: 51 male and female students in Tashkent with the age range 19 to 27.
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