Therapist's role to create therapeutic experiences in adolescent group therapy restoring interpersonal trauma of losing belongingness

[Speaker] Nishimura, Kaoru:1
1:International Christian University (Japan)

The interpersonal trauma caused by being deprived of a sense of living in a relational matrix happens to those adolescents with difficulties in going to school. Loss of belongingness amplifies and entrenches "the end of the world" experience.
Group therapy works to alleviate the sense of isolation by providing with matrix of a group. Despite of joyful activities with peers in group, it is not easy to verbalize their own painful experiences. Rather, they tell their "untellable" emotions through enactment that continues one after another. For therapist, it is helpful to facilitate the group members to regulate the painful emotions mutually, stand in the difficult situations, and create the meaning of them, where therapist's sense of "a person," rather than his specific techniques is used.
This study discusses such therapist's roles by presenting case examples from a therapy group with six adolescent boys with difficulties in going to school.
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