Psychological support for fibromyalgia patients

[Speaker] Kim, Woesook:1,2
[Co-author] Murakami, Masato:2, Matsuno, Toshio:2, Shaku, Fumio:2, Maruoka, Shuichiro:2
1:Hyogo Prefectural University (Japan), 2:Department of Psychosomatic Internal medicine, Nihon University Itabashi Hospital, (Japan)

Fibromyalgia(FM)is characteristic for its complicated physical symptoms of pain alongside an array of psychological symptoms including anger anxiety and depression. It requires specific treatment drawing on the specialized knowledge of clinical professionals with appropriate psychological support from a psycho-therapeutic perspective. This study examines the context in which FM patients experience the occurrence of pain and proposes a new framework for psychological support in clinical practice. Based on the results of investigations and clinical practice, we focused on the interconnected factors that are the likely causes of the pain, identifying four such factors. In the treatment of pain, we not only considered the patients' complaints on the excruciating nature and frequency of the pain, but also emphasized the physical and psychological preparedness to cope with pain. A case in point is one in which interviews with family members brought about a significant amelioration of pain symptoms.
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