A study of the relation between Japanese elderly people's satisfaction with their current life and their level of social participation: Based on the role of social networks

[Speaker] Fukuzawa, Ai:1
[Co-author] Katagiri, Keiko:1, Masumoto, Kouhei:1, Kondo, Narihiko:1, Chogahara, Makoto:1, Okada, Shuichi:1
1:Kobe University (Japan)

This study examined the factors that motivate elderly people to participate in social activities. We assumed that even those who are not satisfied with their current life could be motivated for social participation if they are sufficiently active on social networks. We conducted a survey among 769 elderly people (319 males, 432 females) in Kobe in January 2015. Results revealed that satisfaction with current life was negatively associated with their motivation for social participation. Furthermore, social networks enhanced social participation and the number of social activities of those who were not satisfied with their current life. We implicated that elderly people whose current life was not (economically and psychologically) satisfying were motivated to participate in social activities in an effort to change their current situation. Our findings suggest that social networks play the role of motivators to enhance social participation of those who are not satisfied with their current life.
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