Effects of retrieval practice for learning of foreign language vocabulary in Japanese university student

[Speaker] Yamada, Yohei:1
1:Nara University of Education (Japan)

In memorization of words, retrieval practice of previously studied items can produce better long-term retention than restudying the same items (retrieval-induced facilitation). However, retrieving a subset of learned items also impairs recall of related items from the study phase (retrieval-induced forgetting). Thus, efficient condition of memorization by retrieval practice was not clear. The current study examined a boundary condition that people efficiently develop their vocabulary in a foreign language. Specially, I focused a semantic similarity between retrieved words and non-retrieved words. Participants studied Japanese-English word pairs and then retrieved some of the studied pairs. Finally, a cued-recall test of all the studied pairs was conducted. For high similarity condition, retrieval-induced facilitation was observed. On the other hands, retrieval-induced forgetting was observed for middle similarity condition. This finding suggests a boundary condition that people develop richer foreign language vocabularies.
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