Brain structural / functional relationship between meta-cognitive skill and rumination: A MRI study

[Speaker] Katsumata, Yuina:1
[Co-author] Nakatani, Hironori:1, Takahashi, Miho:1
1:University of Tokyo (Japan)

Rumination has been considered as the important risk factor of mood disorder or stress increase. To reduce rumination, it is suggested that meta-cognitive skill obtained by such as mindfulness-based therapy and meta-cognitive therapy are effective. Both rumination and meta-cognitive skill are assumed to have relation to prefrontal cortex. This study investigated the neural relationship between the meta-cognitive skill (trait) and rumination (state and trait), using structural and functional MRI. In the experiment, participants who have already completed the scale to measure trait meta-cognitive skill and rumination were taken T1 images and diffusion tensor images, and they were measured BOLD signals in rumination and control (distraction) conditions. Then the relationship between meta-cognitive skill and rumination from neuro images was examined exploratorily, especially focused on prefrontal cortex. Finally, the possibility that the acquisition of meta-cognitive skill leads reduction or inhibition of rumination was discussed.
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