July 25, 2016 09:10 - 10:40

Interventions increase community interactions among elderly adults: Evidence from an urban area in Japan

[Speaker] Katagiri, Keiko:1
[Co-author] Masumoto, Kouhei:1, Okada, Shuichi:1, Kondo, Narihiko:1, Chogahara, Makoto:1, Fukuzawa, Ai:1
1:Kobe University (Japan)

In Japan, the increasing number of aged people and elderly-only households highlights the need for mutual support among community members. However, ties among community members in urban areas are weakening. In an attempt to promote interaction among community members, Kobe University initiated the Active Aging Project in 2012. The present study conducted a panel survey of residents over 60 years who did (n = 98) and did not (n = 394) take part in the project in Tsurukabuto, Kobe City. We compared them in regard to pre- and post-intervention neighbor network size (a. the number of neighbors with whom they had mutually supportive relationships and b. whose houses they visited). Network size significantly increased among participants (a. 2.42 to 3.08, b. 3.05 to 3.45) but not among non-participants (2.26 to 2.13, 1.08 to 1.68). Further investigation is necessary to determine what contents and systems of this program are most effective.
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