A Study of Counselors' Effective Interventions for the Crisis Associated with Breakup Threats

[Speaker] Tsai, Shiou-ling:1
[Co-author] Mai, Li-jung:2
1:Center for Teacher Education, Chung Yuan Christian University (Taiwan), 2:College of General Studies, Yuan Ze University (Taiwan)

Crisis intervention is a big challenge for school counselors. The purpose of the study was to explore advanced counselors' effective interventions for crisis situations associated with breakup threats. Seven counselors' interview data was collected and analyzed by qualitative method. The results of counselors' crisis interventions were: (a) to respect the uniqueness of each relationship when intervening. It need more time to stable and process the emotions. (b)to stay with the clients with patience and empathy. Clients' emotional states were fluctuated which meant they might act out again even though counselors have done some interventions. (c)to identify the clients' interaction patterns in the intimacy relationship and their needs and wants behind the threats was critical in the process of assessment and intervention.(d) The difficulties are clients' resistance and defense. However, using collaborated approach to build up good working alliance with family and school resources is also important.
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