Effects of mindfulness training on depression: Identification of the core element of mindfulness for depression

[Speaker] Sato, Kenji:1
[Co-author] Kameoki, Ayano:1
1:Tokushima University (Japan)

This study examines the effect of mindfulness training (MT) on depression, and attempts to identify the core element of mindfulness for depression. Fifteen depressed undergraduates who had provided informed consent were randomly assigned to a MT group (N = 6) or a control group (N = 9). The MT group was instructed to perform mindfulness training over two weeks. The control group was instructed to record their daily mood during the same period. The BDI, which assesses depression, and the FFMQ, a five-subscale measure of mindfulness, were administered at pre-intervention, post-intervention, and one month follow-up. Only the MT group showed significantly reduced depression. Change score of the depression had a significant negative correlation with only the change score of the FFMQ sub-scale "non-reactivity to inner experience". These results suggest that MT can effectively reduce depression, and that the core element of mindfulness for depression is non-reactivity to inner experience.
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