Development of an iPhone application focusing on the experience of "akirameru" : Verifying its effect on mental health using qualitative data

[Speaker] Urano, Yuhei:1
[Co-author] Suganuma, Shinichiro:1, Shimoyama, Haruhiko:1
1:The University of Tokyo (Japan)

Throughout our lives, we often experience resignation ( or "giving up", or "akirameru" in Japanese). Separation from others, break up with a partner, and career decisions are examples of time when we give up on something. Research in Japan has revealed that the way we perceive resignation, positively or negatively, effects our mental health. The aim of our current study was to develop an iPhone application which aims to increase the flexibility of cognition regarding the experience of resignation, and to verify its effect on mental health. Qualitative data collected from an Internet investigation conducted in March 2015 were analyzed. Results indicated that the ways in which people perceive resignation has changed through the use of our iPhone application.
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