Body awareness is an essential component in Dohsa-hou and body-oriented psychotherapy

[Speaker] Fujino, Haruo:1,2
1:Oita University (Japan), 2:Osaka University (Japan)

Body awareness has recently been proposed as a potential contributor to the therapeutic progress in body psychotherapy, a therapeutic approach that is characterized by its emphasis on combining sensory awareness and emotional experiences, and enhancing body awareness. We examined contribution of body awareness in therapeutic process of a body oriented-psychotherapy, Dohsa-hou. This study aimed to examine the relationships between psychological progress and body awareness in Dohsa-hou. Sixteen sessions of Dohsa-hou treatment were analysed. As the Dohsa-hou therapy progressed, the patient became aware of her tenseness and learned to self-regulate her bodily rigidity. This study illustrates the process of the treatment and contribution of body awareness to therapeutic progress. Although the findings need to be replicated with other patients and in other settings, results indicate that improved body awareness could play an essential role in achieving substantial change in body psychotherapy.
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