Traditional Chinese Personality Theory and Related Application

[Speaker] Yang, Qiuli:1
[Co-author] Du, Jian:1, Wang, Hao:1
1:China Academy of Chinese Medical Science (China (People's Republic of China))

There were many personality theories in ancient China.The most classical one is Five Pattern Person, recorded in The Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic.According to the theory,We established Five-Pattern Personality Inventory (FPPI) in 1988.Its norm contained six categories,containing more than 14000 subjects.In 2008, we revised the norms and established a constitution test and its norms, named Five-five Constitution Inventory(FFCT). We have studied the relationship between FPPI and other personality inventories,and finished a lot of research by the scales in healthy and psychology field,such as the personality characteristics of the patients of depression, anxiety disorder, climacteric syndrome,cancer and so on.The results showed that there is specific correlation between personality and constitution.Through these research, we found that personality traits affect constitution,physical health and mental symptoms,as mediating factors. By the applications more than 20 years, FPPI has been proved accurately and useful for health care and diseases prevention.
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