An Investigation on the Relations of Compassion, Forgiveness and Subjective Well-Being among Filipino Counseling Professionals

[Speaker] Roxas, Maryfe M:1
[Co-author] David, Adonis P:1, Caligner, Eduardo C:2, Walet, Monica:3
1:Philippine Normal University (Philippines), 2:University of Santo Tomas (Philippines), 3:Raffles College of Higher Education (Singapore)


This study examined a conceptual model depicting the association of compassion, forgiveness and subjective well-being of a sample of counseling professionals. Itillustrates a conceptual process; where both compassion for others and self predict forgiveness of others and self, which in turn predicts subjective well-being. The model was tested through path analysis using the structural equation modeling approach. Results of the path analysis revealed acceptable model fit. Self-compassion was associated with both forgiveness of others and forgiveness of self; whereas, compassion for others was only associated with forgiveness of others. Only forgiveness of others was significantly associated to subjective well-being. Moreover, test of indirect effects showed that forgiveness of others mediate the association between compassion for others and subjective well-being and between self-compassion and subjective well-being Theoretical and practical implications especially for Filipino counseling professionals are discussed.

Keywords: compassion for others, self-compassion, forgiveness of others, forgiveness of self, subjective well-being
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