The Role of Attachment and Coping Strategy in Self-Harm Behaviour among Young Adults

[Speaker] Tan, Hui Yin:1
1:HELP University (Malaysia)

Self-harm, an emerging important topic across the globe, is still an under-researched subject. This regression study sought to explore the relationship between attachment, coping strategy, and self-harm behavior among young adults by recruiting 60 participants with a history of self-harm within the period of one year prior to this research via purposive sampling to answer Coping Strategies Inventory, Experiences in Close Relationship, Relationship Structure Scale, and Self-Harm Inventory online. Through forced entry multiple regression analysis, attachment-related avoidance was the only and strongest significant predictor of self-harm behavior among those with attachment-related anxiety, engagement coping strategy, and disengagement coping strategy. Results suggest attachment might play an important role in determining likelihood of self-harm. Further implications were discussed.
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