The Five Factors in Filipino: the Comprehensive Assessment of Personality Inventory (Compass) and Validation with Best Friend Ratings and International Personality Item Pool Scales

[Speaker] Del Pilar, Gregorio E. H:1
[Co-author] Ignacio, Rene Ela P:1, Pascasio, Marston S:1, Sio, Christie P:1
1:University of the Philippines Diliman (Philippines)

The instrument was developed (total N=4,074, six item studies) to operationalize the Five-Factor Model, which had previously been found to adequately represent Filipino trait constructs. Twenty (20) eight-item scales, grouped into four facets per domain, have reliabilities from .65 to .81, and all load on their intended factor. In the first validation study (N=98), university students forming best friend pairs took the Compass, and rated their friend on a scale corresponding to each of the facets. The domain scales were found to correlate with corresponding domain ratings (summed facet ratings) ranging from .30 (Conscientiousness) to .73 (Extraversion). In the second study (N=391), correlations between four Compass domain scales and corresponding Big Five Marker scales ranged from .63 to .79; those between eight facet scales and corresponding IPIP-NEO scales ranged from .57 to .71, but were less satisfactory for the Agreeableness domain (.47) and two A facet scales (.37 and .44).
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