Increasing Mental Health Concerns Among College Students in the US and China

[Speaker] Lan, Mei Fang:1
1:University of Florida (United States of America)

Surveys of the US counseling centers across three decades have reported rising trends in severity and complexity of college students' mental health problems. These problems have posed significant challenges to the affected students as well as the entire higher education. Such alarming trends have not only been noted in the US but also in many other countries, including Australia, Turkey, and China. Given the mounting concerns, counseling centers face intensified demands but often find it impossible to cover all the needs. For example, many counseling centers in the US implement a wait list, limit individual sessions, and increase off-campus referrals. By looking at two very different university counseling service systems in the US and China, this study aims to learn from both systems with respect to how they address the increased mental health concerns and what benefits each system offers or challenges they are facing.
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