Minority employment inclusion in Chile : gap between incentives and employability profile

[Speaker] Lay-raby, Nelson D:1
[Co-author] Zamora Bugueno, Carlos R:2
1:UNAB (Chile), 2:PUCV (Chile)

In the present study we sought to portray the social representation ( Moscovici , 1961 ) of the desirable employability profile for the Chilean labor market for social minorities of elderly disability persons (WHO, 2012) . These was achieved analyzing Chilean tweets and newspaper over a period of time. The results show that both minorities are socially represented with rigid employability profile does not take into account the social, psychological, and material requirements of these persons. Additionally it is found that the social representation of both minorities present common elements that are very distant from the spirit of the local and global labor inclusion incentives (ILO, 2014).
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