I want to help but...': The effects of identity denial on minority group members' prosocial behaviour

[Speaker] Blackwood, Leda M:1
1:University of Bath (United Kingdom)

Research on prosocial behaviour finds that people are more likely to help others when they believe that they share a common social identity. In this paper I look at the implications for prosocial behaviour of identity denial and 'othering'. I will present qualitative research conducted with Scottish Muslims which shows the often subtle and insidious effects that the experience of identity denial and misrecognition has on the way people enter public spaces and relate to others in those spaces. More than this, it shows the anguish of not being able to make social connections and help others when this violates one's sense of self. I will discuss these findings and their implications for a more nuanced understanding of intragroup differences in prosocial behaviour and how authorities can, through their actions, help or hinder minority group members' prosocial actions.
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