Women, Work and Well-Being: Psychological Barriers and Interventions

[Speaker] Calura, Mary Claire D:1
[Co-author] Villaviza, Jr., Gregorio L:1, Galman, Sheena Mai A:1
1:Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology (Philippines)

The objective of this undertaking was to survey psychological barriers that affect women in attaining work success. First, working women from public and private sectors (N=216) in Central Luzon, Philippines were recruited to complete measures on subjective and psychological well-being. Additional categorizations such as physical, social, career, financial and family well-being were included to explore its relationship to women demographics. Young single women have significantly higher scores on psychological well-being while high income married women have higher levels of subjective well-being. Single mothers scored lowest on both constructs. Second, semi-structured interviews were conducted to examine difficulties faced by women with low well-being. Gender bias, work-family balance and lack of organizational policies are themes that inhibit women from fully flourishing. Interventions aimed at maintaining psychological health was proposed.
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