Building Resiliency: Psychosocial Intervention Programs of Local Government Units (LGUs) in Albay

[Speaker] Belardo, Sipronio B:1
1:Bicol University (Philippines)

This study looked into the profile, existing practices and capacity of the psychosocial intervention programs being implemented in selected LGUs in Albay. The study proposes a paradigm on psychosocial assistance flow for the LGUs based on the findings. The study was conducted in 3 cities and 5 municipalities in identified high risk and disaster prone areas. Documentary analysis, survey, interview, and focus group discussions were used to gather data. The study found out that majority of the respondents from the LGUs are aware that they belong in high risk and disaster prone areas, however, there are no assessment tools available in the LGUs to identify the resiliency level of the victims and there are no psychologists or psychometricians available in their workforce. The study recommends that the LGUs revisit their budget to hire professionals on this field, offer trainings, and scholarships for Psychology and Guidance and Counselling courses.
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