Method of assessment critical thinking competency

[Speaker] Mitina, Olga:1
[Co-author] Tsukerman, Galina:2
1:Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia), 2:Insitute of Psychology Russian Academy of Education (Russia)

The method of evaluation critical thinking core competency (recognizing the true and false statements) for 9-11y.o. children is created.
The method includes 20 items - statements from mathematic and linguistics - which could be the truth or false: ALWAYS(6), NEVER(4) and SOMETIMES(10) in equal proportions in both fields. The subjects classified items among these categories and in the case of "sometimes" category should give two examples: for demonstrating the truth and false situations.
The sample of approbation included 1500ss attending public schools (Moscow). The reliabilities for the subscales were not less than 0.75.
Children who have been trained in special course of critical thinking were more successful in recognition "sometimes" situations and findings proving examples than children with traditional education curriculum. There were no significant differences among these two groups in answering classification tasks. These tendencies are the same in mathematics and language competencies. There were no gender differences.
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