An on-line survey of factors encouraging motivation of coaches in community based junior sport clubs in Japan

[Speaker] Ohashi, Megumi M:1
[Co-author] Kawata, Yujiro:2, Iume, Yumiko:1, Togo, Etsuko:1
1:Tokyo Future University (Japan), 2:Juntendo University (Japan)

Sports occupy an important place in the life of elementary school children and community based sport clubs provide children with adequate opportunities to exercise. However, studies have indicated certain problems faced by these clubs, because of their status as voluntary associations. We also need to consider the influence of parents who are forced to take care of their children. The present study investigated factors that encourage coaches to pursue coaching of children as volunteers. We inquired 456 coaches about the degree of problems they experienced and their sense of fulfillment about coaching. A multiple-regression analysis indicated that coaches who were satisfied with their job and family situation felt confident, did not feel that coaching was a burden, and tended to feel a sense of fulfillment from coaching. In addition, there were differences between coaches with and without their own children in the teams they were coaching.
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