Predicting Psychological Well-being: A Cross-National Comparison

[Speaker] Chiacchia, Daniel:1
[Co-author] Greenglass, Esther:1, Hughes, Brian M:2
1:York University (Canada), 2:National University of Ireland (Ireland)

It has long been noted that there is a strong relationship between stress and health related outcomes. It is no surprise then, that the economic recession that occurred in 2008 has negatively affected millions worldwide. This is especially so for youth, who not only face the uncertainty of a bright, prosperous, and financially stable future, but are almost twice as likely to be unemployed than their adult counterparts. Using regression analysis, the current study predicts psychological well being in a Canadian (n = 286) and an Irish (n = 445) student sample using a number of variables related to stressors (i.e. financial threat) and personal resources (i.e. social support). The results indicated that financial threat and worry were significant predictors of psychological well being in both groups. However, economic hardship was a significant predictor of well being only for the Irish group. Implications of the results are discussed.
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