A perspective on collaboration based on diversity in psychology for promoting social contribution by psychologists

[Speaker] Arai, Masaru:1
1:Health Science University (Japan)

For the problems and needs of the mental health in human society, how it will be able to solve them by collaboration based on diversity in psychology? In fact, diversity in psychology is an asset, but also poses problems and risks. The main problems lie in communications and collaboration - internal (difficulties with identification and commitment within the community of psychologist) and external (difficulties in exploiting psychology's potential for addressing human society's problems and needs) (Roe, 2011). The purpose of this presentation is to explore and provide theoretical perspective for effective collaboration utilized diversity in psychology to contribute solutions to the problems facing human society. In particular, professional competencies of psychologists about innovative research, clinical practice and social activity are discussed from the point of view of biopsychosocial model to be able to understand human existence comprehensively and collaboration between psychological science and practice (between basic and applied psychology).
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