Group cohesion: the measurement and the impact of leader self-disclosure and group norms on it

[Speaker] Fan, Fumin:1
[Co-author] Jia, Xuan:2
1:Tsinghua university (China (People's Republic of China)), 2:University Of International Business And Economics (China (People's Republic of China))

Group cohesion is regarded as an indispensable factor in the group counseling process.This study used a combination of qualitative,quantitative and experimental methods,to explore the following key issues:how does group cohesion be measured?Whether leader's self-disclosure and group-norms setting could promote group cohesion?In study 1,we carried out both open investigation(N=21)and depth interviews(N=10),and qualitative method were used to analyze the text to construct a cohesion model,which consisted of three dimensions.Based on the model, a group cohesion scale was developed,including group engagement,group alienation,and sense of group.In study 2,we conducted a quasi-experimental study in which 85 participants were randomly assigned to 4 intervention groups,which have same setting(90 minutes,career counseling, leader),but were different in self-disclosure(low level vs high level)or group norms(low level vs high level).We found that,group leader's self-disclosure and group norms setting both have significant impacts on group cohesion,the main effects and interaction effects are both significant in different dimensions of cohesion.
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