Effects of Social Exclusion on Ego Depletion: The Compensation Effect of Self-awareness

[Speaker] Zhang, Ye:1
[Co-author] Zhang, Shanshan:1, Wang, Jiaming:1, Liu, Lanxin:1, Li, Zimi:1
1:Shenyang Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

This study examined whether self-awareness can compensate the influence of ego depletion, especially compensate the ego depletion caused by social exclusion. Individuals from Chinese college (N=240) participated in these two experiments. In experiment 1, under the condition of ego depletion, participants in self-awareness priming group made significant better points in Stroop task than those in non-priming group. In experiment 2, under the condition of exclusion, participants either in accepted or controlled group did significantly better in Stroop task than those in rejected group. Furthermore, under the circumstance of social exclusion, the accepted as well as the controlled did significantly better than the rejected in Stroop task. In contrast, when it comes to self-awareness, the three had no significant difference in Stroop task. Thus, self-awareness can compensate the effects of the ego depletion, which can also compensate the effects of the social exclusion on ego depletion.
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