StoryTaler: Community-based Participatory Action Research with People with Lived Experience of Mental Illnesses in Hong Kong

[Speaker] Jung, Hiu Ching:1
[Co-author] Liu, K. Y.:1, Sung, L. H.:1, Sin, Carmen K. M.:1, Lam, Ronald T. K.:1, Li, Amanda C. M.:1, Tang, Willie C. S.:1, Mak, Winnie W. S.:1
1:The Chinese University of Hong Kong (China (People's Republic of China))

StoryTaler consisted of a group of students and alumni of a local university with lived experience of mental illness and mental health professionals. Through the process of co-creation and co-production, StoryTaler aims to (1) increase mental health literacy; (2) reduce public stigma on mental illness; (3) reduce self-stigma of people with lived experience; and (4) empower participants through community-based participatory action research and mental health promotion programmes. So far, StoryTaler has implemented varied programmes (e.g., postcards, facebook page, and human library). Qualitative research findings showed that people with lived experience felt energized and empowered to make an impact in the community and the university. Quantitative evaluation over the course of six months indicated improvement in mental health knowledge and reduction of stigma through facebook and contact-based events (e.g., human library). The prospects of such community-based participatory research in reducing stigma and empowering individuals with lived experience are discussed.
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